Robin Carruthers Mystery Novels

Flight school operator and Anglican Church member, Robin Carruthers:
A five book series by Anne Barton

Robin Carruthers is a middle-aged woman who runs a flying school. Five feet ten inches tall, with flaming red hair, she can be a formidable character and can stand up to any man. She has decided that she really ought to start going to church, and in the course of the novels, she learns not only Anglican theology but also about church politics. Some of the books are set more in her private life as a flight instructor. Others concern problems with her business, while still others involve affairs of the church. All of the novels combine elements of her work life and church life.

the-evil-we-doThe Evil That We Do

Robin is new to the church, and this novel introduces the reader to the characters who will continue through the series, including church members, people in the aviation industry, including a problem student who keeps coming back to Robin’s school, and RCMP officers. In this first book in the series, a church administrator is murdered in the church office and the church secretary is suspect. Robin and the rector, Rev. Douglas Forsythe set out to investigate.

The Third Day

It is Easter and a prominent church member who is an accountant has uncovered a fraud among his clients. But before he can identify the culprit he is shot through the heart. Robin worries that her best friend may be dating a murderer.

 The Death of the Wicked

Three men plan to make a flight into adverse weather in order to conclude a real estate deal whereby they can make a lot of money. Robin convinces the passengers that the flight cannot be made safely, and the irate pilot sues her for slander. When the pilot and one of the passengers are killed in what seem to be separate accidents, Robin is a suspect.

Evil In Their Hearts

Robin and Rev. Forsythe are drawn into a controversy regarding a colony whose members are suspected of criminal activity. Two women want to leave the colony. One is murdered, the other nearly so. Robin’s planes are sabotaged. She suspects her problem student, but has no proof.

book_cov_the-devil-laughsv3The Devil Laughs

A group of parishioners want to get rid of the rector, but when the person believed to be the leader of the group is murdered, things don’t get better, they get worse. Another group, led by Robin, tries to find out who is leading the antagonists, and Robin eventually identifies the murderer as well.

More details about each of these books can be found on my website.


In the next post, I will describe the novel and two novellas written under my pen name Carolyn Dale.


Anne Barton

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