The Carolyn Dale Mysteries

The Carolyn Dale Mysteries

 As Carolyn Dale, I have written three mysteries; two novellas and one novel.

The novel is Cui Bono? There is no question that a mentally challenged young man hit the victim over the head with a mallet. The judge is upset that the young man did not have a proper defence and that the jury came back with their guilty verdict without even discussing the evidence. He enlists the aid of a young lawyer to represent the accused at the sentencing hearing. There are two questions that need to be answered. How could the friendly young man be persuaded to kill a man he didn’t even know? What was there about the victim that someone wanted him dead? Who benefits? Cui Bono?

Living With Death is one of the novellas. An attractive young woman is brutally murdered. Whodunit? Was it a family member, a boyfriend or one of the defendants in a lawsuit she has filed against those responsible for the euthanasia of her comatose step-brother. This book explores the pros and cons of physician-assisted dying.

Here Be Dragons is my latest novella and will be on the market by April or May in print form and possibly earlier in electronic form. I introduce a new pair of sleuths, Gail and Anton Schild. When it is finally ready, I’ll update the information and include the cover picture, which is still not finished.

I have started a new novel. I’ll tell you more about it as I go along.

Carolyn (or Anne)

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