Here Be Dragons

My new novella is now in print!

Here Be Dragons has been available in e-book form, published by Books We Love, since April, but is now available in its print version, published by Carrick Publishing.

I introduce what I plan to be new series characters, Gail and Anton Schild. Gail is a veterinarian, Anton a plant geneticist. The location is a small prairie city called Drayford, roughly based on Drumheller, Alberta, my birthplace. Anton, newly graduated with a PhD, has been hired by the Drayford Agricultural College. Gail will operate a veterinary emergency clinic.

They have barely arrived when they have dinner with math professor, Jon Mendel. Later that night, Mendel is murdered. He is found in his swimming pool with his throat slashed. A knife from his own set of knives is found in the pool of the Dragon Fountain on the campus. Gail and Anton are logical suspects, and things don’t get better when they discover that they may have walked off with what might be a clue to the murder.

Their private investigations lead them to the hoodoos and to the dinosaur museum. Their observance of one of the other suspects leads Gail to propose a motive and a means for the murder.

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