I am both Anne Barton and Carolyn Dale. As Anne Barton, I have written mystery novels in two series. I have followed the advice to write about what you know. I am a retired veterinarian, so I wrote one series of three novels featuring Dr. Erica Merrill, a young woman vet trying to establish a veterinary practice in her hometown, a small northern Idaho county seat.

I am a pilot and have been a flight instructor, so I wrote another series of five novels about Robin Carruthers, a middle-aged female flight school operator, who is also active in her local Anglican church. Flying and church politics might seem to be an odd combination, but clues in the mysteries come from both areas.

As Carolyn Dale, I got away from the personal and have written one novel and two novellas on different subjects, though in the novellas I have thrown in vets as minor characters. The latest of these will be published by Books We Love sometime this spring 2017. Check the Books We Love website.

All my books are in both e-book and paperback formats.

In my posts, I will describe my work in more detail, starting with the Dr. Erica Merrill series.

http://annebartonmysteries.ca              http://mysterycarolyndale.ca

Anne (and Carolyn)